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Ishi Zohana

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Ishi Zohana
This is official web site of containing Sri Lanka models images and actress images. We provide you a good quality image first and fast. If we have event we also publish here traveling, trips, picnic and every event what we have,provide you. There are different places in here Sri Lanka they used to photoshoot. Quality background and beautiful environment makes models more better. Our site contains high quality images you can download too. And those thing what we published here all are from Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google plus,official Facebook pages of some actress and models. As well as from some Sri Lankan web site.

Our site not registered in Sri Lanka but if you have problems regarding this web site please inform us to resolve it, we wont hurt or trouble anyone else just providing pictures with quality and genuine way to your desire, the thing is credits go the photographer who takes pictures, if we published a post without permission of them let us know.


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31st May, 2016 (09:14:53am)

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